The Volunteer Location List

This is a  list of the country’s I would like to visit and volunteer in. Each trip will last 2-4 weeks. I will record my trips on a daily basis and will blog heavily during this time to make sure you guys now whats going on and the progress of the trip.  I will explore the areas and will try to connect with the culture as much as I can, meaning eating,sleeping and doing what the culture does. My Volunteer trip will be planned and monitored by Global Vision International and this is the trip I am attempting to raise money for and take in Mai:

Money Raised so far: $263

$1477 To Go




What Difference Does This Project Make?

A substantial part of the fee goes towards the day-to-day running costs of the projects themselves throughout the year, which includes rent, electricity, local salaries, fruit and other food for the children, educational materials for classes, monthly birthday and other celebrations, painting and maintenance. We currently pay for over 400 children to attend National School, as well as our own schools. Of these, almost 50 children entered Secondary School and 8 entered College. Included in your fee is one scholarship per child, per year.


Living with a host family in Antigua; learning Spanish (optional); teaching literacy and numeracy to indigenous children in remote communities in GVI schools; going on an adventure weekend at Lake Atitlan (optional) to enjoy activities including hiking, biking and kayaking, opportunities for Salsa Classes and further travel.


Guatemala is one of the jewels of Central America, packed with ancient ruins, active volcanoes and intriguing Mayan culture. Volunteers live in the beautiful old Spanish colonial town of Antigua and project work is carried out in communities all within a one hour journey from the town.

Field Conditions

Living with local families in comfortable but basic accommodation allows for an enriching cultural experience and the valuable opportunity to practice your Spanish! All accommodation provided is private and includes three meals a day (apart from Sundays). Lunch is eaten in the communities with a local family during the week. Travel upgrades are available for this project see dates and costs for more information.



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  1. November 9, 2011 at 11:41 am

    Awesome.I am so exalted to join with you after read this blog.Waitng for your next blog .Thanks for sharing it….
    volunteer guatamala

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