Convicted killer beheaded and put on display in Saudi Arabia! Seriously ?

(CNN) — Saudi Arabian officials beheaded and then publicly displayed the body of a convicted killer in Riyadh on Friday, an act that prompted a stiff denunciation by a leading human rights monitor.
The Saudi Interior Ministry said Ahmed Al-Shamlani Al-Anzi was sentenced to death and then “crucifixion” — having his body displayed in public — for the kidnapping and killing of an 11-year-old boy and for the killing of the boy’s father, according to the official Saudi Press Agency.
Amnesty International issued a statement deploring the punishment, with the group’s Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui saying in a statement it is “horrific” that beheadings and crucifixions “still happen.”
Even though the word “crucifixion” is used to describe the public display, the act has no connection to Christianity and the crucifixion of Jesus. The bodies are not displayed on crosses, Lamri Chirouf, who researches Saudi Arabian issues for Amnesty, explained.
The Saudi Interior Ministry asserted that Al-Anzi’s body was displayed as a warning that those involved in similar crimes would suffer the same fate, the press agency reported.
The ministry said Al-Anzi kidnapped the boy and held him for a “malicious purpose” at a grocery store where he worked. He tied rope around the boy’s neck and strangled him to death, the ministry said.
When the boy’s father came to the store looking for his son, Al-Anzi axed the father repeatedly until the man died. When police came to arrest Al-Anzi, Al-Anzi resisted arrest by threatening them with a knife.
Police later discovered that Al-Anzi had been previously convicted of other crimes, including possession of pornographic videos and sodomy, the Interior Ministry said.

Seriously ? What is the problem here. I mean I am all for showing people what happens when you do wrong but this is a bit uncivilized.  I would’ve expected this to happen in Iraq or Aghanistan but not in Saudia Arabia. They have made so much progress in the past few years and now have gone right back to 15th  Century customs. It is about time that the middle east moves completely into the future allowing women to drive and hold the highest office. If they keep on going the way they are the world will only get more ridden with crime and hate.



  1. Les-Pel said,

    June 1, 2009 at 5:47 pm

    I don’t know, it’s pretty barbaric but when you hear what he did to the father and then find out he’s likely a pedophile. God knows what he did to that poor kid. As a parent there’s part of me hoping he suffered and that his death and public display will deter others.

  2. HANNA said,

    August 6, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    I disagree with the last comment. I believe that in this case, the murderer should be hung in front of the city. While it is important to protect human rights and possibly an innocent person in trial, this case is concrete. The murder of the tiny 11 year old (and probable sexual assult) is undisputed. What should we do with animals like these? These types of people are dangerous and yes, others with the same fantasies must know that they will not live the privelege of life if they choose to ignore the law; that of Saudi and of humanity.
    I am from Canada and believe that due to our ‘light punishments’ nobody has any fear of their own personal pain. If there is no consequence for criminals, they will take advantage.
    I compeltey agree with hanging the killer and I wish I was there to see. No person from a foregin country has the right to insult another country’s policies and procedures. If you don’t like the hangings, then stay in your illusionary, cushon of a country with high rape, murder and sexual assult cases.
    Cutos to Saudi for reminding it’s people that there are consequences for their actions,

  3. Elizabeth said,

    January 9, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    When did the concept of “criminals’ rights” become so popular? Individuals who CHOOSE to commit barbaric and heinous crimes are CHOOSING to give up their rights to civil treatment. Without swift justice and firm punishment for terrible crimes like kidnapping, sexual assult, and murder, criminals know that they can get away with committing whatever sinister fantasies they can imagine. As in Canada, the criminal justice system in the United States has become so lax that violent criminals often serve a menial sentence and are released back onto the streets where they continue to commit crimes. A negligable number of violent criminals are successfully rehabilitated. The statistics show that countries where violent criminals are executed for their offenses have less crime than countries with full jails funded by taxpayer money. Let’s not forget that these criminals have a choice as to whether or not to commit the crimes, and their crimes should be punished.

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