How did we come to be ?



I was thinking today during work of how everything that exists got here and if there really is something that has the power to create the stars,galaxies and the planets. We as Humans are so simple minded as to thinking that we are special enough to have a ”God” that will Contact us and show us his ways and rules !?!?!

We simply think that the universe was created for us. My opinion differs very much and I think you will enjoy reading the following. I think that the Universe has a deeper meaning then that of what we think. We are probably just a mere speck of life in the universe were there are probably millions maybe even endless of planets with life out there.

My want for exploration and knowledge goes to as so far as to wanting to know how far our universe really stretches and I think that everyone who loves to explore new places and topics will ponder these same thoughts.


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  1. elşən said,

    November 23, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    istanbul cultural capital of europe(2010)

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