Inauguration Drama and such! Should’ve went to D.C

transferobamabidenTomorrow the United States will inaugurate its 44th President. This inauguration is without a doubt the biggest one we have ever had. This moment means a new beginning for our country and it will shape and define our nation for years to come. The USA has now shown that it is in fact a diverse country, where everyone can have a chance. The only thing we have to wait for now is for the Glass Ceiling to shatter and hopefully racism will be reduced to such a small number that it won’t even affect our lives anymore or at least that’s what I hope. The Obama administration OOZZES with diversity all the way from Hilary Clinton to Eric Holder, Hilda Solis, Steven Chu & Eric Shinesky to all the other diverse people he will have in his administration.

I sure hope that the USA will continue on the path it is right now because this path is the right one. Although our Economy is currently down it can be fixed if we work together and support what the Obama Administration is doing. And if you couldn’t tell I am a Democrat. Comment Wanted 😉


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  1. cowboy said,

    January 25, 2009 at 12:02 am

    Great improvement! The rules of grammar prohibit a writer from using both past and present tense. It must be either past or present, not both. Your topic sentence begins with present tense, evident by the use of “this,” “is,” and “have” all present tense. Then, unfortunately the sentence ends with “had,” past tense. I personally think your third sentence makes a better topic sentence. Topic sentence should be painted with a broad brush requiring supporting statements. Let me know if this helps you organize your thoughts.

    Sentence format in an introductory paragraph.

    I. Introductory Sentence
    II. Topic Sentence
    a. Supporting Sentence/Statement
    b. Supporting Sentence/Statement
    c. Supporting Sentence/ Statement
    III. Concluding/Transition Sentence

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