Inauguration Drama and such! Should’ve went to D.C

transferobamabidenTomorrow the United States will inaugurate its 44th President. This inauguration is without a doubt the biggest one we have ever had. This moment means a new beginning for our country and it will shape and define our nation for years to come. The USA has now shown that it is in fact a diverse country, where everyone can have a chance. The only thing we have to wait for now is for the Glass Ceiling to shatter and hopefully racism will be reduced to such a small number that it won’t even affect our lives anymore or at least that’s what I hope. The Obama administration OOZZES with diversity all the way from Hilary Clinton to Eric Holder, Hilda Solis, Steven Chu & Eric Shinesky to all the other diverse people he will have in his administration.

I sure hope that the USA will continue on the path it is right now because this path is the right one. Although our Economy is currently down it can be fixed if we work together and support what the Obama Administration is doing. And if you couldn’t tell I am a Democrat. Comment Wanted 😉


Why are they still killing innocent people ???

I found this interesting video on YouTube that I thought I’d share with you guys (Scroll Down watch first minute or so of the video to understand what I’m talking about). You know the funny thing is that we, the people of America hopefully don’t like to see little children die. But why do our president and our senators hold sides with countries that cause unnecessary chaos when that is not what most of us want. We don’t want the fighting to continue so we should step in and have a VOICE. If We the People are the government then how come the Government basically does what it wants? We think that voting is enough but it is not. We have to make our voice heard more than we do now, we should all actively participate in politics.

It is 2009 and the world is still not smart enough to see that fighting brings us nowhere. It is sad to see that innocent lives are wasted only because of small differences. This is OUR planet and we have to learn to work together. We try so hard to differentiate us from animals but we are the same. We fight over unimportant factors such as territory, food, the top spot. THINK for a second and absorb the picture on the left. Is that what you we want? If it is so god help you. If it is not, why are we letting it happen? If your one of the people that thinks it is not our fight, just remember that we all share this planet.

Think. Have Dignity. Have a Voice

True Beauty of the Middle East


Our view of the Middle East has been so distorted in the past few decades that the general population wouldn’t even consider it a place of importance and beauty. All though there are many battles going on in the Middle East is an important part of the world. The Middle East is home of many sites that hold major historic value.

People seem to have forgotten that the major religions of our world were founded in the Middle East including Christianity. There are thousands of historical places to see in this beautiful area along with the thousands wonders ranging from the pyramids of ancient Egypt all the way to the ultra modern city of Dubai. So before you think of war when the middle east  comes to mind remember that this area holds many great treasures that one must see to believe.

Raising money for volunteering

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About me and the Goal of this Blog

earthHi, I am Alex a 20 year old Student and I’m currently very undecided as to what my major is. I was born in Germany and have lived in the United States for about 5 years now. I have literally become obsessed with the sights nature has to offer and also the different people and cultures that live on our planet. Recently I have decided that I want to travel & volunteer abroad  and see all the wonders of the world and visit countries where you can still see pieces of the past. Seeing how different people of the world live teaches you so much and seeing the wonder of nature stuns your imagination. My main goal is to see the world and help people, I have skills and the mind set to help make peoples life’s better.

So I created this blog where I will log my travels, thoughts and opinions and along with that I will film my trips and structure it sort of like a travel-exploration film. I really want to spend as much quality time as I can staying with the natives andwill volunteer to help the people that need it most.I will off course stay with locals or cheap hostels and will use only the cheapest methods during my stay. I will also work with volunteer organizations to make my trips as productive and cost effective as possible.That said, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and feel free to comment and participate in discussion and polls.